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The Language School

Spanish academy Probigua

Learn Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala and support a social project!
Language course and accommodation with host family 2 weeks $
575. Volunteers are welcome to contribute to the project.
The Academia de Español PROBIGUA (Proyecto Bibliotecas Guatemala) is a non-profit institution with two goals:


1)  Intensive Sprachschulung nach der Ganzheitsmethode für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene:

  • Private lessons with a qualified teacher of 4 to 7 hours per day or - for advanced students

  •  - the opportunity to learn more about the culture and history of the country in a small group of 3 to 4   students.

  • Excursions where you can practice your language skills in everyday situations.

  • Daily (voluntary) leisure activities with classmates and teachers to consolidate your language skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • The opportunity to live with a Guatemalan family to learn more about the local culture and improve your language skills.

 2) Help for Guatemalan children The profits from the language school will be used to promote the education of Guatemalan children and adolescents. In the villages of Yepocapa (own school building) and Quetzaltenango (seminary), young people are trained as future teachers and managers so that they in turn can advance the development of the country. In addition, libraries and computer centres are founded and maintained in numerous villages, school buildings are built and renovated and scholarships are awarded to extremely needy pupils.


La Antigua Guatemala is a beautiful colonial city with a lot of charm and countless offers and possibilities. It is surrounded by volcanoes and is an ideal starting point for discovering the country!


For more information about the school and the project please contact us:


La Academia Español PROBIGUA                                             PROBIGUA Schweiz

Rigoberto Zamora Charuc, Direktor                                         Max Umiker, Präsident

La Antigua, Guatemala                                                             St. Jakobs-Str. 16, CH-4132 Muttenz  
Tel. +502-59630640                                                                 Tel. +41-61 461 16 36 /                       /



Individual lessons:

4 hours lessons per day US$ 180/week
5 hours lessons daily US$ 200/week
6 hours lessons per day US$ 240/week
7 hours lessons daily US$ 280/week


Host Family Stay
Accommodation and meals in a Guatemalan family: US$ 120/week

Registration fee:
Bring us a new book in Spanish. Which one do you decide!

Airport Transfer
Guatemala City - Antigua - Guatemala City       
US$ 100

Note: Prices are subject to change at any time.

Registration with oder direkt bei (Formular).

Learn Spanish in Antigua and support a social project.

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